So maybe you’ve searched Google for sugar daddy sites and have been presented with a hundred options. You don’t have the time to enter each one, fill out a registration form and wait for the sugar daddy of your dreams to contact you. You want instant results in the form of a quality sugar daddy who will love you and lavish you with all the sugar you want, right?

We save you the time and the trouble and done the homework ourselves. After looking through and reviewing all the top sugar daddy sites, we managed to narrow it down to just 3. These 3 sugar daddy websites have proven to be the cream of the crop based on what’s important for both sugar babies and sugar daddies alike. What’s more, these sites have a huge success rate in matching up the right sugar daddies that fit your exact preference.

Number 1:

Right from the start the website screams sophistication and class. You’ll be impressed at the elegant design and how this sugar daddy platform has plenty to offer. What puts it on top of all the rest is not the aesthetic design, though, but the number of quality sugar daddies who are looking to pamper sugar babies! Suffice to say, the sugar daddy you’ll meet here will be rich, legit and serious about his role as a financial provider.

We’ve checked the site and it says that potential sugar daddy members go through an intensive verification process to prove they are who they say they are. Net worth, total assets, education and occupation are just some of the requirements they must prove if they want to join this elite sugar daddy site.

Because has this excellent verification process in place, you can be sure that all the time you spend registering, looking up and chatting with sugar daddies on this site will be well worth it. They will be refined, have considerable wealth and have real credentials. You’ll be mingling with startup CEOs, Wall Street analysts, doctors, lawyers and businessmen who have made quite a name for themselves. Chatting them up is easy and they won’t lie about their credentials, which gives you an idea that these sugar daddies are real and they are looking for good fun or good companionship.

You’ll be surprised at the depth of sugar daddies that are on Sure, the first thing that you’ll discuss would be the sugar baby-daddy arrangement and the allowance terms, but they will go further beyond that. They are sincere and are honestly looking for a serious type of relationship with a sweet sugar baby. A true sugar daddy won’t mind the numbers as long as he’s getting what he wants, and what he wants is a sugar baby who he can share his life with.

Since members will be paying for access you can be sure that there aren’t fake profiles and that there’s less competition from the sugar baby crowd. The ratio of sugar daddy to baby is excellent so you can expect someone to message you as soon as you join in. If you’re looking for a long-term sugar daddy arrangement then should be first on your list!

Number 2:

You may have seen this website before in online advertisements and in news, but did you know that it’s one of the best dating platforms you can use to meet a real sugar daddy?

SeekingArrangement is a classic dating website that has stood the test of time. Since it has an established member base full of rich people looking for a sugar baby, you can be sure that signing up on this platform will be worth it. The quality here is simply amazing- you’ll get to meet attractive, wealthy and influential people from all over the world!

If you’re up to the idea of meeting a sugar daddy in an out-of-country or an out-of-state arrangement, then go for it! Chances are, all the sugar daddies here use SeekingArrangement to look up sugar babies they can meet up and have fun with when they travel for work or business.

What’s a good sugar daddy site without the wealth verification process? SeekingArrangement checks for a sugar daddy’s wealth before he can even join the website. When you see a member profile that says “Diamond Club”, chances are that he’s legit. Registration is free for the sugar babies, though they must step up and be the one to make the first contact due to competition.

What’s great about Seeking Arrangement is how it handles the money transactions that flow from sugar daddy to sugar baby. Here, you can set up the amount of allowance you want to receive, and sugar daddies can set up the amount of allowance they are willing to give. This is a helpful feature that eliminates the awkwardness of negotiating for allowances for the sugar daddy-baby relationship.

Number 3: SugarDaddyForMe

Sugar Daddy For Me is huge- we’re talking 4 million members strong and a website that has been around for decades. SugarDaddyForMe should be your go-to place for meeting a rich sugar daddy who will give you everything you want!

This site is the best when it comes to finding allowance daddies, or sugar daddies who would like nothing better than to shower you with sugar in material form. It’s somewhat unlike in that most of the wealthy men here are more on providing for their sugar babies instead of looking for a close, personal relationship. The challenge lies in finding legit sugar daddies and knowing if someone is faking it. Spend a bit of time and you’ll develop a better sense for it.

SugarDaddyForMe has some notable features you’ll want to take advantage of. It’s a free dating website, but spend quite a bit for a paid version and you’ll have a featured profile that can be looked up by potential sugar daddy candidates. Suffice to say, the more looks you get the higher the chances of success.

Oh, and don’t forget that this sugar daddy site has an instant messaging feature that you can use to chat up potential daddies. In conjunction with perusing their profile, you’ll have a good shot at landing a catch within minutes of signing up! This eliminates the slower back-and-forth interaction via email and makes for a quicker experience.

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