You may have just started sugar dating and wanted to know where to find a sugar daddy. Or, you may already have a sugar daddy in your life, but feel as though you could get so much more. Well, don’t fret- here are some simple tips on how you can turn your sugar daddy into a super generous one!

Sugar can come in many forms- shopping, tuition, expensive gifts, cash or even trips to an exotic, far-off place. A sugar baby should be pampered so that all her needs and wants will be met. The problem is, how can you get what you want without sounding like a whining sugar baby? How can you ask for something without being a pain in the butt?

Believe it or not, there are ways you can do to ensure you get generous sugar presents from your SD. The bottom line is that you will have to provide immense value to your sugar daddy’s life to make him so happy that he’ll be grateful for having you as his sugar baby.

It’s a double benefit- if you want to be happy and pampered by your sugar daddy, you’ll have to do your part in taking care of him and in keeping him happy. This is a different approach from the usual “demanding until you get it” strategy that sugar babies often do.

There are 3 ways on how you can do this, but feel free to come up with similar ones after you read it. You can really get absolutely anything you want from your sugar daddy without even asking for it.

Support Your Sugar Daddy

Your sugar daddy may have enough stress in his life from work, relationships and other matters, so don’t add to it by pestering him for that shopping spree or in renting that penthouse apartment. The last thing he will need is another source of stress instead of an avenue of escape.

Play the role of a supportive sugar baby that he will appreciate. Imagine yourself as a source of great refuge where he can relax and not worry about the stresses of life for a while. You’re the calm, the refreshing spring of water he can draw upon when he’s worn out.

Hold off on burdening your sugar daddy with your worries and take in some of his mental and emotional burdens when you’re together. This way, you provide huge that he will rarely find anywhere else. It’s one of the surest ways he will be happy, and when your sugar daddy’s happy, he’ll be willing to give a lot.

Pay Active Attention

Chances are, your sugar daddy is also a successful businessman who knows the value of things. In exchange for financial backing, they want to get something in return from a sugar baby. It’s not all about sex, though. Some sugar daddies are looking for something deeper than that. If sex is the main factor in your sugar daddy-baby relationship, then it won’t be long until your SD is out looking for other game.

What keeps relationships in people? A tangible emotional connection. Close companionship. An easy friendship. So if you want your sugar daddy treating you like a princess, you’ll need to establish a deep emotional connection that goes straight to his heart.

How will you do this? It’s really as simple as paying active attention to your sugar daddy. Listen to what he has to say about himself and his life. When he’s venting out, don’t just dismiss it and look at your phone- look him in the eye and find out what he has to go through each and every day. This will show your sugar daddy that he’s not just a living, breathing ATM but an actual person. It may be hard but the payoff in proving you’re something very valuable is definitely worth it!

Turn your sugar daddy into a living, breathing person that you talk with just like everyone else. You may just find things start to get more interesting the more you know about your sponsor. Instead of being a “transactional” relationship, the connection starts getting real. Since you’re in it anyway, why not turn it into something emotionally tangible?

Take part in the monologue and turn it into a conversation. Ask questions and allow him to talk his heart out. What is he as a man? What are his hobbies and passions? His favorite food? His favorite TV shows? What does he consider the most important things in his life? Get deeper and know about his insecurities and his fears. Then use the knowledge you gained to calm his fears and validate his beliefs. By doing this you make yourself the MVP, and your sugar daddy will do anything to keep it that way.

Give Him Gifts

No, that’s not a typo error. A sugar baby-daddy relationship should be a give-and-take relationship. It takes two to tango! But what’s cool is that you won’t have to spend so much to convey your feelings and make him happy. Here are a few things to consider:

– your gift should show that you both have a special bond. When your sugar daddy receives this, he will go out of his way to protect you and pamper you like never before.

– the gift should make him think of you as soon as he lays his eyes on it. Pick out gifts that he can use daily; the gift should be something he loves as well.

– your gift proves that you are paying attention and that you are giving him your precious time. It’s the little gifts that go the distance because your sugar daddy will appreciate the fact that you went beyond the expected norms in a sugar baby-daddy relationship.

Remember that your gift should first and foremost show your thoughtfulness. Next, it shouldn’t cost you a fortune. Your sugar daddy is successful and he has all the money he needs, so something expensive won’t cut it anymore. It’s the priceless value you’re providing, after all!

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