There are many sites with dating advice on what sugar babies need to do so as to land your ideal sugar daddy. What these sites don’t tell you however is what you should not do in sugar dating. It is true that everybody makes mistakes, but there are some mistakes that most newbie sugar babies are more prone to making than others. For instance there are the obvious mistakes like lying about your age or address and then there are those types that most sugar babes don’t even realize they are committing. Take note of these 8 blunders to snag some refined sugar and beef up your sugar dating approach;

1. Sharing Your Bank Details

Avoid sharing your bank details with any person that wants to send you money. Although your bank details are not particularly private because anybody that gives you a check can see them, the information can still be used to withdraw cash from the account. So only give the details if you are in an arrangement with a daddy that you trust. Also, make sure you know where he works, what he does and so on before you give your bank details.

2. Asking for cash when you have just met or upfront

Although most sugar dating relationships involve money, do not be too obvious about it. Asking for money when you have just met or upfront will not only present you as greedy but also as an insensitive person. So play it safe and let him not judge you.

3. Delivering Before Receiving

Knowing what the man wants and being able to give it to him is very important. But you should only give it him when you have an arrangement. Keep in mind that he is still a potential sugar daddy and not your sugar daddy. And until you agree on something, he is just any other guy. Also don’t be always available for him if you don’t have an arrangement. Cut short conversations courteously and turn down his dates once in a while. Just determine what he needs from you but do not give it to him until he agrees to your terms.

4. Not Meeting in Public Places

This is very important. It doesn’t matter whether you have been communicating for a month or a year, the first date should be always be in public place. Under no circumstance should he invite himself to your apartment. Also if he invites you to his place, just decline politely.

5. Not Having a Sugar Friend

Although sugar dating has a crummy reputation, and it is understandable if you are jittery about sharing this information with your friends and relatives, it is very important that someone else knows where you are going and who you are meeting every time you are going for date. Or alternatively you can reach out to other sugar babies on your sugar dating site if do not want to tell your relatives or friends about the relationship.

6. Putting all your Eggs in one Basket

This is a very common mistake that most newbie sugar babies make. Don’t focus all your prospects in one person. Cast your net wider and do not stop meeting, contacting and building up relationships with other daddies just because you have found one. It doesn’t matter how promising the potential sugar daddy seems, don’t stop searching to pursue only one person. In addition, try to keep your options open by keeping your online profile on top sugar dating sites active and do not stop building relationships with other potentials.

7. Disclosing too Much too quickly

If he is the 10th sugar daddy you are going to be with, this is perhaps not the ideal information you would want to share with him upfront. Be very careful about what you give out. It is not being insincere, but being considerate. Get to know each other well first and if there are bonds of love, let them grow. Also, let him appreciate you for who you are right now, how you treat him right now and what you can bring on the table right now and not your past.

8. Not Defining Your Terms

Before you hit the road, let your potential sugar daddy know your terms early enough. In fact this should be one of the first things that you should discuss. Do not assume that everything will fall into place or you will start defining your expectations once the relationship in progress.

Bottom Line

The sugar daddy hunt game is an enthusiastic adventure so get ready to explore. Just remember not to give into his demands without arrangement. Good luck!

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