Let’s face it: online dating has never been easy. If guys already give you too much attention, initiating a message is even harder. When it comes to potential Sugar Daddies, gals are the ones who are going for the guys!

Many of the messages you send will be unanswered, or may even go unopened. You’ll get many profile views, but maybe not so many contacts. Maybe too many men will ghost out after meetings. There are a lot of potential ways you could get rejected.

The fact is, sugar dating is a relationship like any other. And, like so many things in life, not everything is how we want it to be. Life isn’t fair — rejection happens everywhere in life.

Here are a few more ways you can cope with any rejections you get as a Sugar Baby.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

Make sure you don’t hang all your dreams, wishes, and effort on any one potential man… especially if you haven’t even met yet!

Go into your meetings without expecting too much. It’s a lot better to get a pleasant surprise than it is to have your hopes and fantasies dashed. If you’re rejected by one man, it’s just fine — if you have more lined up soon.

Never Beat Yourself Up

In the dating world, most rejections are not actually personal. In fact, most of the time you should actually be happy when you can get away from someone who does not see you as a good match. It’s about personal wants, instead of desperate needs.

After a meeting that didn’t go so well, think about:
– What were the reservations you felt about him?
– Was his lifestyle a good fit for yours?
– Was there really chemistry?
– Was time availability and geographic distance really convenient for the both of you?
– Did your personality traits fit?

In all likelihood, there was something — or multiple somethings — which did not fit, when you think about it. Did you really want to spend time around him, or did you want to be around him because you felt you needed him?

Time Heals All

What were you doing six months ago, can you tell me? Or have you forgotten already? That proves the point — things will pass. You’ll forget these feelings of rejection and the pain will disappear.

Let yourself cry if you need to, but keep a limit on it — know when it’s time to call it quits on your self-pity. Take a deep breath, and then move on.

Never Give Up

The worst decision you can make is giving up when you’ve had one rejection, or even a few of them.

Why? When you give up, it builds apprehension and makes you afraid to try again. Eventually you start feeling too scared to jump up on the horse ever again… which would mean calling it quits before you become a Sugar Baby.

Don’t let fear of rejection rule your life. Rejection by one man is just a learning experience that will help you do better next time.

How boring and predictable would life be, if everything worked out exactly the way you thought it would?

Never Blame Yourself

A normal part of rejection is bringing the pain inwards and questioning yourself. However, doing this only lowers your self-esteem and reduces your confidence. Rejection can feed over-thinking it, even pushing you into depression.

Therefore, try to avoid blaming yourself. Focus on the positive.

Focus On People Who Care

Your family and friends can give you the sense of belonging that you need. The sugar world can be brutal at times, and when you feel rejected, spend time around people who accept and care for you.

You don’t have to tell them why you’re feeling down, just in the event your attempt to find a sugar daddy is something you’re keeping secret. But their genuine warmth and care will help you feel stronger and better, giving you the boost you need to stand back up and go for your goals as a Sugar Baby again.

Work On Improving Yourself

Even if you’re mourning rejection in solitude, you can certainly read. Maybe take a language course online for free, or write up different versions of your profile. Sweat out the rejection in a workout. Go take some new pictures of yourself — do constructive things.

The fact is, if you are new to the sugar dating world, you can’t let fear of rejection get in the way of your goals. Rejection is part of life.

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