The dates, dinners, night outs and every moment shared with daddy have so far been special and finally, you decide to host him. To keep the awesome chemistry going, there are things you have to understand and put the into action.

These are the things that will keep daddy coming back for more, keep daddy for you and only you alone. To host daddy at your place here are things you can’t afford to get wrong.

1. Cleanliness.

Oh yes! Everything at your apartment should be sparkling clean. You don’t want daddy seeing your dirty laundry, half filled trash can, unclear mirrors or windows. Clean environments always bring out the best in humans. To ace this task of cleanliness, clean as if your mum is coming over to check your house.

Since cleanliness is the face of your persona don’t focus on your house cleanliness alone. Make sure your body is clean too, from your head to toes keep everything clean and attractive. I repeat, everything!

2. Food.

With men, food is one of the ways to their hearts. By now you know your daddy well and know what kind of food gets him in the right mood. Cook daddy a meal to show him that you can be a life saver and not that chic that depends on the eateries.

It’s however important to remember that this is his special day. If your cooking sucks, pre-order food from the eatery but make sure you serve using your home plates.

3. Set the mood.

Daddy has been out there running his businesses and he’s probably tired. Set your place to be Daddy’s haven. Use things that bring out the best moods in you. Marvin Gaye and other good musicians are your allies for this big day.

Lite the mood with those flavored candles. Don’t give daddy any reason to leave. If you need to loosen up a little have your favorite drinks in place but remember to handle your liquor.

4. Adequate preparations.

If you are living with your roommate, make plans to see her exiled to Alaska. You don’t want your roommate bursting in while you’re getting kinky with daddy. Remember this a special time for two so kick out all those people or things that can come and ruin your moment with daddy.

The secret to a successful day lies with the preparation. Start early and get everything in place before Daddy is home!

5. Impression.

Your body and clothing should be attractive and relaxing. Make sure your makeup and clothing bring out a relaxed and romantic atmosphere. Get that sexy and sleek lingerie that’ll stick in daddy’s memory and leave him coming back for more.

You don’t want to dress in a manner that Daddy sees you as his old boring cougar or wife. You are young beautiful and vibrant use that to your advantage while it lasts.

In conclusion, the human mind stores what is seen more that what it hears. Always be on your best behavior when you are around daddy and he’ll respect more you while you get what you want. Good luck Sugar baby while you host your daddy.

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