Contrary to popular belief, there’s actually a fine art to being a sugar baby. One of the most important things a sugar baby has to master is the art of negotiating the best possible allowance from your sugar daddy.

Allowances can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, and there aren’t really any rules to begin with. But here’s a helpful set of guidelines you can follow if you want to learn how to be a sugar baby that gets what she wants while making herself invaluable to her sugar daddy.

Sugar Babies and Allowances

First, answer this question- what is your understanding of sugar allowance? If you think that allowance is based on physical aspects like your body, looks, age, etc., then you have it wrong. Every sugar baby should know right from the start that her “worth” shouldn’t be based on how sexy or appealing she is to the opposite sex. Furthermore, a sugar baby has to understand that she is unique and priceless, and that there’s no set monetary value in being a woman.

So how should you determine your allowance as a sugar baby? It’s simple. Forget about basing sugar baby allowance based on “worth”; instead, you should think about the price for what you’re providing your sugar daddy- care, support, attention, companionship and all that good stuff. The “sweet spot” is achieved when you and your sugar daddy are both happy with the allowance you both have set.

Understandably, sugar allowance varies from one sugar baby-daddy to another. Here are 3 deciding factors on how you should determine the most accurate allowance for you and your sugar daddy:

1. The Amount He Can Give

It’s a fact that sugar daddies are rich and well-off, but even the richest ones have a financial ceiling. Not all of them have millions in disposable income and liquid assets, and even if they are indeed worth millions, their money could be tied up in investments, stocks and whatnot.

Location is another determinant in figuring out sugar allowance. Are you living in huge, prosperous cities such as New York, Miami and San Francisco? Chances are that you can get a higher allowance as opposed to making arrangements with sugar daddies in small towns and rural suburbs.

Economics can also play a role in knowing the magic allowance number. The less sugar daddies there are in an area, the more they can give their sugar babies. Single sugar daddies are much more capable in giving larger allowances as compared to those who are supporting their kids through college.

Sometimes its better to go straight with your sugar daddy and determine the amount of sugar he’s comfortable in giving. From there, you can straighten the kinks and finally come to a conclusion. Find out his capability by doing research on how much he earns, whether he has dependents and other money sinks.

2. The Amount You Want

How much sugar do you really want? Each sugar baby will have her own number- some may want more as they have higher goals and motivations, while others are satisfied with how much their sugar daddy can provide, plus a bit of sugar for shopping, hobbies, etc.

If you’re not really strapped for cash and are looking for just a few hundred dollars of allowance you can spend on things you want, then you may not need a full-time sugar daddy. You can go to websites that have rich men set a price on how much they’re willing to give to go on a date with you. You can set the price or browse through the offers online.

Normally, a sugar baby will need a sugar daddy to pay for her living expenses. For this reason you will need a figure of somewhere around $1,000 to $5,000 monthly. The average rate a sugar baby can get from her sugar daddy is at $3,000. But everyone is different, so don’t just settle for the average if you really think you need more.

Do some calculations and come up with a figure that allows you to live comfortably. Include your rent, living expenses, car payments, credit card bills, utility bills and all that. Then add the “sugar” on top of that- extra comforts such as shopping, eating out, leisure vacation trips and education. That’s the price that you should ask for. A good way to determine a rough estimate is to double your living expenses.

Sometimes you’ll get lucky and come across a sugar daddy who will give you upwards of $10,000 as your sugar allowance. The chances of this are few and far in-between, but count yourself lucky if you happen to experience one! But you shouldn’t ask for an extravagant allowance right away- gauge your sugar daddy’s financial standing and capability, then go for the sugar price that’s acceptable to you. The bottom line is you shouldn’t be shy. Ask reasonably, and you shall receive!

3. The Nature of the Arrangement

Sugar baby-daddy relationships vary from one arrangement to another. Think about these things when you’re talking with your sugar daddy:

Time. How much time is your sugar daddy asking for? How much time are you willing to give? It could be once or twice per week, or two to four weekends per month. This gives you an idea of how much time you need to give in the sugar arrangement. The more time your sugar daddy needs, the higher the allowance you should ask for.

Nature. Is it just strictly in-town dates or will you be accompanying your sugar daddy on yacht rides, club meetings or when he travels out of state or out of the country for business? Even if he says that all your expenses will be covered, you should be well-compensated for the time spent.

Exclusivity. Are you allowed to date peers or even get into other relationships, or will it be an exclusive thing? You know the answer to this one- if he wants you exclusively, he has to give more sugar.

Appearances. Does your sugar daddy want you dressed up for dates? Will you have to do the shopping and fly to another state to see him? It’s an unspoken arrangement that these things should be covered by your sugar daddy on top of sugar allowances.

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