Sugar-daddy dating is appealing because it offers women the opportunity to be swept off their feet. They wrongly believe that by finding a sugar-daddy, they will be taken into a world of pleasure and live the rest of their lives in bliss. Some men take advantage of these dreams and manipulate women to their advantage.

Such men are masters at conning women. Sugar-babies need to learn how to screen out the fakes by identifying men who brag about their wealth as users who are only interested in sleeping with sugar-babies then dumping them soon after.

The first sign to look out for in a fake sugar-daddy is excess. True sugar daddies are very secretive about the true extent of their wealth while the fake ones wow their dates with expensive champagne and extravagant dates right from the beginning. Any man who brags about how much he makes is not likely to be serious about building a life with you.

Fake sugar daddies only want trophy girls that look good on their arms. They treat women like assets that can be bought and use their women for sex with no regard for their general well-being. You should stay away from such men if you are aiming to build a life with a great man.

Quality sugar-daddies will make you feel special. As you get to know them you will start to feel that you are in a genuine boyfriend/girlfriend relationship rather than a relationship of convenience. He’ll still be happy to be your bank but in order to form a lasting relationship you must also be able to relate on an emotional level as well. Quality sugar-daddies are rare and hard to find however they will find you if you concentrate on raising your own value first.

Get Your S**t Together

Real sugar-daddies can spot a fake chick in an instant. You want to set yourself apart from the other girls by staying true to yourself and maintaining a humble personality. Sugar-daddies are usually very masculine in their own way therefore they want women who are feminine and submissive. Acting like a diva will work against you and acting like a bimbo will only attract fake and short-term sugar-daddies.

Be Ambitious

Ambition is a huge turn-on for sugar-daddies. They know that they must be selective about their company therefore they choose women who value hard work and will help them improve their own status.

Keep it in Your Pants

Quality men, whether they’re sugar-daddies or not, don’t like sluts. Many sugar-babies think that the best way to attract quality men is by using sex to keep them interested so they use snares such as fake boobs, fake tans and faces covered in make-up. Such things will get you men for the night and if that’s enough for you then so be it, but sugar daddies looking for long-term sugar daddies are more attracted to classy women. There’s a fine line between sexy and slutty so learn how to stay on the right side.

The wise sugar-baby knows that appearance is everything. How you present yourself to the world has a big impact on the kind of men you attract. Keep in mind that most sugar-daddies keep the details of how rich they are to themselves so be patient, gain his trust, and then let him reveal himself, and his wallet, to you.

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