Screening a potential sugar daddy online

Online sugar dating provides a brilliant way to meet new daddies. Putting up your profile on a sugar dating site or posting a personals advert on craigslist just feels naughty and fun. And although many online dating platforms provide an effective and safe environment to meet new people, never automatically assume you are safe from scammers, cons and fake people. Just because your profile says you looking for a successful and wealthy benefactor it doesn’t always mean you will be meeting exactly what you are looking for. Fake sugar daddies and predators put up fictitious profiles on sugar dating websites, pretending to be wealthy and successful men when actually they are not. So before you allow someone into your life make sure he is the right person. To help you on this quest, here are some sugar-tested and common sense approaches to help you screen a potential Sugar daddy;

Send Me Nudes!

If you have been sugar dating for a while, you don’t need a rocket scientist to tell you that most sugar daddies who request for naked pictures from the beginning are often fake. So don’t even think about it, just block and delete. Period!

Talks about Sex all the time

Most fake sugar daddies are usually only interested in talking about sex from the onset. If that is what you want and you are only interested in a physical relationship that’s fine you can go for it. However, keep in mind that any man that discusses too much sex is only interested in sex, nothing long term or permanent. These types of men also tend to end things the moment they get what they want and if they happen to stick around for a while odds are in a few months or weeks they will leave you for someone else.

Brags about Money

Most sugar babies think that the richest man is the same as best sugar daddy, which is not true. Not everything that that looks true or precious turns to be so. A sugar daddy that is always bragging about his money is only hoping to lure you with the promise of riches that he holds. But remember that even if he is as rich as the flakes of virgin gold, it doesn’t automatically mean that he is going to share it with you. The best man is the one who makes sure that you are well taken care of. It doesn’t matter how rich he is, if he is not doing that, just pass.

Background checks

Finally, never agree to meet any man from an online dating platform without first knowing them well. Make sure you know his f address, home telephone number and full name. You can also search them on Google to know where they work, do an email look up and reverse phone. A criminal back ground check will also be handy as it will give any information about his past history for stalking, violent crimes and abuse. Most states charge a fee of about $30 for this per name.

Bottom Line

The rules mentioned in this article are just ground rules and not a set of strict rules that every sugar babe should abide by. So just because your potential sugar daddy fails one or two of them, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he is a con or a fake. Just like any other type of dating use your wisdom, if you feel threatened or uncomfortable, just call of the relationship. After all there are thousands of genuine and warmhearted daddies out there ready to treat you like a queen and no amount of money can make up for that!

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