How to become a sugar baby

So you’ve signed up on the best sugar daddy websites to get a willing sugar daddy to pay for your living expenses. After you clicked on “Register”, the website prompts you with a message saying that you’ll need to complete your sugar baby profile for a better shot at being contacted by a sugar daddy.

You click on the link and stare blankly at the fields and the questions that are asked.

Sure, you can fill out your sugar baby profile like you fill up your social media profile, but that won’t make you stand out from the crowd. You’d want to get noticed and have at least “1 new message” waiting for you each time you log in. You’d want to choose from a number of eager sugar daddies who can’t wait to meet you.

You’re aiming for the highest amount of “sugar” possible. How does a sugar baby achieve that when her profile is like a boring biography?

Lucky for you, we’re here to teach you how you can create the most attractive, the most enticing and the spiciest sugar baby profile you can muster without lying. It’s all about the choice of words, the tone and how creative you can get with your bio and life experiences.

Ready? Let’s dive right in!

Your Wordplay Matters

Try to be a little more creative on how you phrase your profile. It also helps to be more upbeat and work on your positive scripting. Instead of just typing in a straight answer to each question, spend a few minutes and imagine you’re filling up a slum book or talking to your bestest friend. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to put in a little flirty tone. It’s a competition, after all.

The sugar daddy should have somewhat a good feel for your personality just by reading up on your online profile. They will then decide right then and there if they’re interested in making the next move to be your sugar daddy. Keep in mind that your profile will serve as your first impression on the sugar daddy website. By crafting your sentences you should have the reader come up with a picture of you and your style without needing to look at your profile picture.

Do a quick scan of the profile you’ve written. Are there a lot of “I’s” in it? It’s better to change that to a more approachable manner. The sugar daddy-baby is a relationship, so when asked about how you’d describe your ideal partner, swap out the I’s with the You’s to make it more interesting.

Spice it up and keep it honest. Do not be something you’re not in your profile. It will be difficult and awkward if you created a persona that you have to put up whenever a sugar daddy is wanting to meet you face to face. Keep it real, natural and light. If there’s any misunderstanding, make sure to clear it up when you do have a conversation. Then, update your profile so you won’t have to deal with future issues later on.

Keep It Concise and Clear

Filling up your sugar baby profile can get way out of hand. Before you know it, you’d have made a dozen paragraphs on the simplest questions. No one would slog through the mountain of words to understand you as a person, and a sugar daddy will just as well browse another profile if yours reads like a novel.

There’s a fine balance between keeping it short and putting in everything you wish to convey. One of the best ways on how you can do this is to keep the answers playful, yet clear

For instance, your hobby field doesn’t have to be a convoluted mess of words and sentences filled with jargon and whatnot. If you’ve written a blog post before, you’ll know that simple sentences that all readers could understand is the most effective form of communication. You’d risk alienating an individual if you put in too much technical terms. To circumvent that, you replace the terms with their simpler forms. If you can, switch the “I’s” to the “You’s” so that the sugar daddy reading it can envision your sugar baby arrangement right away.

If there are profile questions that need exact answers, don’t be afraid to fill them up the right way. Instead of wasting time doing the run-around (for example, sugar daddy websites may ask you for your intended sugar allowance, the time you can commit, etc.) just answer them with as much personality as possible and move on from there. When a sugar daddy finally contacts you or leaves you a message, you can be sure that they have picked you out and all of their questions have been answered.

Don’t Leave Things Blank

It’s understandable to leave things blank if you’re on a time constraint, i.e., you’re heading to the next class, going out with friends or when you need to sleep for work the next day, but we have a much better solution for that. The answer? Be spontaneous and answer the question like you’re talking to a dear friend. The good thing about sugar baby profiles is that you can always go back and edit them how you wish, but leaving them blank for a long time won’t do you any good.

Remember that all these fields serve a purpose, which is to give your sugar daddy an idea of how it’s like to spend time with you as a sugar baby. Try to persevere and answer all of them in one sweep. If possible, you can set aside an hour or two filling up the questions with a glass of fine wine in one hand. Who says that filling up your profile shouldn’t be fun? In short, it shouldn’t feel like an exam.

Wrapping Up

Congratulations! You have more or less the perfect sugar baby profile for potential sugar daddies to see. But wait- there’s one last thing you’ll have to do, and that is proofreading your work. You wouldn’t want glaring errors such as grammar issues, spelling mistakes and autocorrect ruining your chances of finding the best sugar daddy, wouldn’t you?

Go over them and read them twice. If you have a friend in the opposite sex, have him read it out loud and ask for his impression. Too formal-sounding, weird or awkwardly phrased? Then revisions are in order. If you’re happy and satisfied with your profile, go ahead and click on “Update”, then wait for the sugar daddies to come!

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