what is a sugar daddy

Sugar dating, as the name suggests comes with numerous goodies. His company is great, you are feeling as though you were destined for each other. Each moment so far has been spectacular. The endless shower of gifts, surprise dinners, surprise get-away blah,blah,blah, the list is endless.

The arrangement has been spectacular and in a way you are starting to realize your destiny. However, its of great importance that you understand there is a price to be paid. On the other hand, there is the bright side to this arrangement.

The following are the sides of sugar dating which you need to understand before getting is a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship.

On the bright side:

1. Your financial burden is reduced. Yes, daddy is around and daddy doesn’t mind spending her on her sugar baby. If you move in with your sugar daddy, then the worry of paying bills is over.

2. Daddy has unlimited access to you. If you are living together with him or he has rented a place for you, it is easier for you two to make amazing plans ranging from dinner to romantic nights.

3. You get so much free time. If daddy, can adequately support you financially, then as a young girl you won’t need to take an extra job. You as a sugar girl can use the extra time to learn new skills, enroll for short courses. At the end of the day you will have added a bunch of skills in your bag.

4. Flashy life is here! Daddy can give you that amazing high-class life which neither of your boyfriends combined could ever give you. A life full of jewelry, nice clothes, shoes, handbags, and amazing hairstyles. What more could you ask for?

5. You can now travel around the world easily. Daddy will most of the time have business trips around the world and who else to accompany him but you. You are young free and flexible unlike his spouse or cougars who are busy working on their careers.

6. Your knowledge can improve. Don’t just let daddy use you for his sex exploits and fetish. Be smart and learn about how to be successful from your sugar daddy. After all daddy has to be successful for you to call him daddy.

7. You have a taste of maturity. Tired of the immature dudes who don’t have plans beyond showing off? Since daddy is a grown mature man, you can have a full taste of mental maturity which you so much deserve.

On the dark side:

The sugar daddy arrangement can come with prices that include:

1. Limited time. Sugar daddies tend to be busy since most of them are successful men running businesess or large institutions. You may end up seeing daddy rarely on very short notices.

2. Mysterious life. Not unless you are ready to come clean and tell your friends and parents of your sugar daddy arrangements, you may be forced to live a mysterious life to cover up for the time you are spending with daddy.

3. The future is indefinite. Your relationship with daddy is as unpredictable as it gets. Nobody knows what is to come next so don’t get too comfortable. Daddy may choose to end the arrangement for his reasons or you may meet someone new. Keep an open mind!

In conclusion, the sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship can be of benefit if both parties understand what comes with it.

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